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Please See Our COVID-19 Vaccination Page for more information On Our Vaccination Program


No matter your age, it's important to stay up to date on your vaccinations. This will keep you healthy and keep you safe from many common illnesses and diseases. Whether you're about to take a trip, starting school, or just need a routine vaccination, we're here to help.

We're proud to be providers for the Oklahoma State Department of Health's Vaccine for Children (VFC) program, which is a federally funded program that ensures eligible children under the age of 18 are able to be vaccinated at little to no cost. No child's health should be put at risk because of an inability to pay for proper vaccinations.


We provide vaccinations for covid-19, flu, shingles, meningitis, tetanus, typhoid and more to keep you and your family healthy.


The CDC offers a complete list of worldwide destinations and the recommended vaccines for each. 

Visit their website to learn more. Call Razook's Drug to find out more information about the vaccine you need, pricing, and scheduling a time that works best for you.


Vaccine Clinics are a great way to get your staff vaccinated. One of our certified pharmacists will travel to your location and provide the wanted vaccine to your employees. Call for more information and to schedule your clinic. 

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