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4 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

When you pick up your prescription, our pharmacists at Razook's Drug will ask if you have any questions about it. Most of the time, our customers say no. But, it's worth your time to ask some intelligent questions about the drugs you're taking because our pharmacists have in-depth knowledge about them. Next time you pick up your prescription, here are a few questions you might want to ask

Are there any possible interactions? 

Most likely, the doctor who prescribed you this medication, and your pharmacist, will already know if another drug you've been prescribed will interact with your new drug. But some prescriptions interact with herbal supplements, food and drink and other existing medical conditions. Even something as innocent as grapefruit can interact with some types of medication. Take the time to ask so you can be sure that everything you put into your body is safe. 

Is there a generic version? 

It's best to ask this question when you drop off your prescription, but feel free to ask anytime. Generic versions of medications can save you big money. Many cost up to 75-percent less than the name brand version. It's not always possible to fill your prescription with a generic version, however. If your doctor has specifically prescribed a certain drug, that's what we'll give you. It doesn't hurt to ask, however. In some cases, we're able to contact your doctor to see if the name brand drug is really necessary. 

What happens if I miss a dose? 

You probably know the dosage schedule you're supposed to stay on while taking a new prescription, but do you know what to do if you miss a dose? In some cases, taking your medicine when you remember could result in negative effects. You should also know what to expect if you miss a dose. For example, what symptoms will get worse and is there any alternative medication you can take for those? Each prescription is unique so you should consult your pharmacist to ensure you make the right choices in each scenario. 

How should I take this? 

Did you know some prescriptions need to be taken at certain times of day? That may not be something you'd know unless you specifically asked. The directive to either take with food or take on an empty stomach is also important. Many believe that is a suggestion to prevent stomach issues, but for some medications, failing to follow that guideline will decrease the effectiveness of your medication. 

We're happy to consult with you about any medication you're currently taking to ensure you have the best experience possible. Next time you're picking up a prescription, talk to one of our knowledgable pharmacists and get the whole story. 

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